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Our Business

・Exporting sales
・Export agency business

We can purchase all types of Wagyu beef from all over Japan.
After deciding on a product, all you have to do is wait for it to arrive.
No need for complicated transportation procedures.
Eliminate the waste of middle and cover your work.

Please leave the next one to SUEHIRO.

Whole Size Order

When ordering a single animal (carcass), it is also an economical purchasing method as you can spread the unit price of rare parts.
First of all, we will suggest the most suitable product according to your budget and conditions.
Even if you already have a track record of importing,
please compare quotes once.

Available from small size

Start from Block or Minimum size

You can order your designated Wagyu beef by "part" and "rank" in detail. The smallest lot is available from less than 50 kg depending on the part. We will not set a risky MOQ.

Our promise for freshness

Freshness Guarantee

We purchase fresh raw materials for the products we purchase each time.
All Wagyu beef has been officially approved for export and is guaranteed to be safe and of high quality.

Please leave it to us until delivery.

Start from reasonable size

The products are carefully packaged and delivered to the customer's destination under strict temperature control. There is no problem even if you have no experience in importing food. We will take care of complicated procedures and obtaining documents.
Wagyu beef is a product category that has particularly strict management standards, so leave it to our experts.
We promise to make the best proposal for you depending on your situation.

All products include after service

Whole Size Order

For customers who want to learn about and try Japanese-style cut steaks and recipes, we will professionally provide information on recommended cutting methods and cooking examples for each cut, along with materials.
We collect and analyze market information that changes daily, and provide added value in line with trends.

Safe and secure transactions.

Our System

Not only can we take care of everything from ordering to purchasing and transportation, but we also provide guidance that maximizes the added value of products, and provide a support system that allows customers to conduct transactions with peace of mind.
For more information, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

For those who are interested in trading Wagyu beef

Please feel free to contact us anytime.
Samples can also be arranged depending on the country and region.
If you have decided on the conditions, we will prepare a special estimate.

There is no problem at all even if it is your first purchase.

Let's Proceed Smoothly with your transactions with Japan with peace of mind. Our friendly members look forward to hearing from you.

Product selection, quantity adjustment, price negotiation, transportation conditions,
We handle all sections from ordering to delivery, including procedures for required documents.
We will create a plan specifically for you.
Our representatives are always our customers' partners and are there to fulfill their requests.

Transaction flow


Q.Do you have a list of products?
A.Yes, there is. Click here for a list of imported Wagyu beef products by block.

Q.Considering trading Wagyu beef for the first time, but I would like to know if it is an area where it can be imported.
A.Wagyu beef is a food subject to export regulations from Japan, so it cannot be imported into some countries and regions depending on the product. Please check with local authorities to see if trading is possible in your area.

Q.I have a history of importing beef in the past and would like a quotation.
A.We will prepare a quote as soon as we confirm the situation.
We look forward to hearing from you by filling out the contact form below. *Only available for wholesale.
・Company information (please include industry type)
・Product name (place of origin, variety, rank, etc.)
・Parts (it will be smooth if it is one animal at a time)
・Asking price
・Delivery destination
・Preferred date of receipt
・Other (if requested)

Q.would like you to act as an agent for purchasing only. Is that possible?
A.Yes, it is possible. We will act as your purchasing agent, with the customer arranging the means of transportation.
We can also provide partial support, such as product selection and purchasing only, depending on your desired conditions. 

Other business

Domestic sale

We sell wholesale to product stores mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
We handle a wide variety of product categories,
from retail to commercial use, and can accommodate a variety of requests.